Welcome to Ottawa Music Printing

I have 20 years of experience as a music copyist, editor, transcriber, arranger, composer and songwriter. As a musician who reads and writes music I understand how integral the presentation of music on the printed page is to the process of interpretation, performance and education. Whether in the studio, on the stage, in a book or simply for personal enjoyment, music that is perfectly printed makes music making easier and more enjoyable for everyone. For music printing projects I use the industry standard software application
Finale: The Art of Music Printing.

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• Music copying (engraving)
• Transposition
• Transcription
• Tablature
• PVG (piano/vocal/guitar) charts
• Lead sheets
• Educational materials
• Academic excerpts

It has been my pleasure to work with a diverse range of clients on a vast variety of projects such as a book of plainchant, three operas, orchestral scores and parts, transcribing a live cabaret musical from tape, preparing the music examples for a work of academic scholarship and transcribing demo tapes by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones (not working for Keith directly, unfortunately!).

Previous clients include Canadian composer and writer R. Murray Schafer, The Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, local composers Steven Gellman and Bruce Nicol, the Ottawa-Carleton District school Board, Dr. Lori Burs (currently the Director of the School of Music of the University of Ottawa), local tenor Dillon Parmer and lengendary Ottawa accompanists Judith Ginsberg and Jean Desmarais.